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Robotic Chefs for Your Home




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  • What is Chefee?
    Chefee is your 24/7 robotic sous chef, a true leap into the future of culinary arts. Using our app or smart home system, you can ask Chefee to cook hundreds of customizable dishes from scratch. Not only can it store, refrigerate, weigh, combine, and cook ingredients, but can even curate personalized meal plans and even do the grocery shopping! Simply plug in and say: "Chefee, let's cook." Too good to be true? Contact us and find out.
  • Does installation require an expert?
    Chefee is designed so efficiently that it can be installed in a single afternoon. To ensure proper installation, we'll provide a certified technician to do the job.
  • Can Chefee fit into any kitchen?
    The beauty of Chefee is in its compact and elegant design, allowing it to fit into new or existing cabinets in virtually any kitchen in the world, large or small.
  • What can Chefee cook?
    Chefee can make hundreds of dishes from scratch: Curries Pastas Soups Rice Quinoa Stews Vegetable medleys Biryani Chia pudding And many more Plus, you can add your own recipes and watch it learn!
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes, our financing partners offer multiple options.
  • How do I get Chefee restocked with food?
    With Chefee, you keep all the freedom. You can: 1. Restock Chefee with everyday groceries that you buy. or 2. Have Chefee ingredient containers arrive at your door pre-filled. (monthly subscription, free to cancel anytime)
  • How soon can I get my Chefee installed?
    We've begun our pilot in Austin, TX, and soon will be shipping nationwide. RSVP or pre-order to secure your reservation and get your Chefee made and shipped before others. We love our Chefee fans so BIG perks will be given to priority reservations.
  • About Us
    We invite you to learn more about our story and values here.
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